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How to Become a Healthcare Support Worker?

How to Become a Healthcare Support Worker?

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Thu Aug 24 2023

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Healthcare support workers play a vital role in the healthcare system, providing care and support to patients and clients in a variety of settings. They work in hospitals, care homes, community settings, and people's homes.

If you're interested in a career in healthcare, becoming a healthcare support worker is a great option. It's a rewarding career that offers the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives.

What is a healthcare support worker?

A healthcare support worker is a person who provides practical and emotional support to patients and clients in a healthcare setting. Their duties may include:

  1. Providing personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding
  2. Assisting with medical procedures, such as taking blood pressure and administering medication
  3. Monitoring patients' health and providing care as needed
  4. Supporting patients and their families
  5. Providing administrative support

There are no set entry requirements, but most employers will expect you to have:

  1. Good literacy and numeracy skills
  2. Some experience of healthcare or care work
  3. A healthcare qualification, such as a BTEC or NVQ

There are a number of different ways to become a healthcare support worker.

Complete a training course:

There are a number of training courses available that can prepare you for a career as a healthcare support worker. These courses can be taken full-time, part-time, or online.


There are also a number of apprenticeships available in healthcare support work. Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while also studying for a qualification.


If you don't have any previous experience, you could volunteer your time to a local healthcare organization. This is a great way to gain experience and learn more about the field.

Staffing Agency:

A Healthcare staffing agency can be a great resource for finding healthcare support worker jobs. These agencies can help you find jobs in a variety of settings, and they can also provide you with support and training.


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