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Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan

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Baseline year emissions: 2023

Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan: Baseline year emissions: 2023

Total scope Breakdown
ScopeTotal metric tons of CO2e
Scope 10.9
Scope 21.7
Scope 386.8

This marks the inaugural year of reporting for HTR Care and Recruitment Limited. Our ambition is to achieve a Net Zero carbon status by the year 2045.

How we will achieve this

Sustainable and Renewable Raw Materials

We will prioritize sourcing sustainable and renewable raw materials, minimizing the environmental footprint associated with our manufacturing processes. This involves reviewing our supply chain and collaborating with suppliers who share our commitment to carbon reduction.

Supplier Engagement

We will require suppliers to report their carbon footprint data, improving the accuracy of our carbon measurements. Active engagement with current suppliers will identify areas where carbon emissions can be reduced, supporting our goal of achieving net-zero emissions.

Product Evaluation

Thorough evaluation of all purchased products will focus on improving efficiency and reducing environmental impacts. Efforts will minimize single-use plastics and reduce paper usage wherever possible.

Commuting Emissions Reduction

Targeting reductions in emissions resulting from commuting to and from work, we will encourage staff to use low-carbon transport methods—walking, cycling, car sharing, and electric transportation. This initiative will be supported by awareness campaigns, and fossil fuel cars will be replaced with electric ones as they come up for replacement.

Collaboration and Budgeting

Collaborating with key individuals within the organization, we will develop carbon reduction plans. This involves setting carbon budgets, establishing targets, and working closely with suppliers to identify and implement emission reduction strategies. When engaging with new suppliers and customers, we will share our carbon reduction plan and discuss collaborative efforts.

Ongoing and Continuous Review and Improvement

Ongoing review plays a pivotal role in ensuring the effectiveness and success of our carbon reduction plan. Regular assessment of progress, identifying areas for enhancement, and adapting to evolving circumstances strengthen our sustainability efforts. Continuous monitoring tracks progress against plans, gauging the effectiveness of initiatives and allowing prompt implementation of corrective measures.


In conclusion, HTR Care and Recruitment Limited is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment. Our carbon reduction plan encompasses a range of initiatives and projects that have been implemented and outlines future measures. Through ongoing review and improvement, we will continuously evaluate progress, identify areas for enhancement, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Through these efforts, HTR Care and Recruitment Limited strives to make a significant impact on carbon reduction. We believe that by working together, embracing sustainable practices, and fostering partnerships, we can achieve our goals and contribute to a greener future.

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