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Nepali New Year 2080 Celebration

Nepali New Year 2080 Celebration

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Mon Dec 11 2023

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Event Details:

Event Name: Nepali New Year 2080 Celebration

Organizer: Yeti Nepali Association UK



A Comprehensive Cultural Program with Dinner to celebrate the Nepali New Year, showcasing the rich heritage and cultural identity of Nepal in the UK.



Yeti Nepali Association UK, with a legacy spanning over 60 years, has been a significant contributor to promoting and preserving Nepali culture in the UK. Their events serve as a platform for the Nepali community to celebrate and share their traditions.


Sponsorship by HTR Care and Recruitment:

HTR Care and Recruitment proudly sponsored the Nepali New Year 2080 Celebration organized by Yeti Nepali Association UK. Their support included:


Volunteers: HTR Care provided dedicated volunteers to assist in organizing and managing the event.

Financial Assistance: Contribution of funds to support the successful execution of the cultural program and dinner.


Impact and Outcomes:

Cultural Preservation: The event highlighted and celebrated Nepali traditions, fostering a sense of community among Nepali expatriates in the UK.

Community Engagement: Strengthened the bond within the Nepali community, promoting cultural exchange and unity.



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