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BNPL Cricket Tournament 2019

BNPL Cricket Tournament 2019

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Fri Dec 08 2023

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BNPL Cricket Tournament 2019

Location: London Tigers Ground, London



The BNPL Cricket Tournament 2019 was a thrilling sports event aimed at promoting community engagement and fostering sportsmanship. Organised by KTM Travel and Tours, the tournament brought together teams and cricket enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.


Company Involvement:

HTR Care and Recruitment proudly sponsored the BNPL Cricket Tournament 2019, demonstrating its commitment to supporting community initiatives and fostering healthy lifestyles through sports.

●      Level of Sponsorship: Major Sponsor

●      Contributions: Financial support and volunteer assistance during the event.

Impact and Outcomes:

The tournament successfully united cricket enthusiasts, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among participants.



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