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Nepalese Community Football 2022

Community Football 2022

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Mon Dec 11 2023

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Event Details:

Event Name: Nepalese Community Football 2022

Organizer: Nepalese Community

Purpose: Fostering community engagement and promoting sports within the Nepalese community.



The Nepalese Community Football event aimed to bring together members of the Nepalese community through the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork.


Sponsorship by HTR Care:

HTR Care played a pivotal role in supporting the Nepalese Community Football event:


Financial Sponsorship: HTR Care served as a sponsor for the event, providing financial assistance for its successful organization.

Volunteer Support: HTR Care additionally provided volunteers to assist in managing and coordinating the event logistics.

Team Participation: The HTR Care team actively participated in the football games, showing support and engagement within the community.


Impact and Outcomes:

Community Unity: The event served as a platform for fostering unity and camaraderie within the Nepalese community in the context of sports.

Promotion of Sports: Encouraged sports participation and highlighted the importance of physical activity among community members.


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