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Aid for Victims of Ukraine-Russia War

Fundraising Event: Aid for Victims of Ukraine-Russia War

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Wed Dec 13 2023

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Fundraising Event: Aid for Victims of Ukraine-Russia War

Supported Organizations: CODEC-UK and NBC-UK

Purpose: Raising funds to support victims affected by the Ukraine-Russia War.



The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has caused immense suffering, displacements, and hardships for the affected individuals and families. CODEC-UK and NBC-UK, as local community organizations, took the initiative to extend aid to the victims during this crisis.


Support by HTR Care and Recruitment:

HTR Care and Recruitment provided vital support to CODEC-UK and NBC-UK in their efforts to raise funds for the victims of the Ukraine-Russia War:

Financial Assistance: Contributing funds to the fundraising campaign to aid those affected by the conflict.

Collaborative Support: Collaborating with and assisting the organizations in organizing and promoting the fundraising event.


Impact and Outcomes:

Humanitarian Aid: The raised funds directly supported victims by providing essential supplies, shelter, and medical assistance.

Community Unity: The joint effort showcased community solidarity and compassion towards global humanitarian crises.


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