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Teej Special Program for Women 2023

Special Program for Women 2023

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Fri Dec 08 2023

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Event Details:

Event Name: Teej Special Program for Women 2023

Organizer: Yeti Nepali Association UK

Purpose: Celebrating Teej - a day of fasting, prayer, and empowerment for women, fostering bonding and anticipation of a fulfilling marital life.


Teej Significance:

Teej is a traditional Nepali festival celebrated predominantly by women. It signifies devotion, fasting, and prayers for the well-being and longevity of their husbands. It's also a day of empowerment, bonding, and cultural celebration.


Sponsorship by HTR Care and Recruitment:

HTR Care and Recruitment proudly sponsored the Teej Special Program organised by the Yeti Nepali Association UK. Their support included:


Financial Assistance: Contributing funds to ensure the successful organization of the special program dedicated to celebrating Teej for women.

Support and Resources: Offering assistance and resources to facilitate the event's arrangements and activities.


Impact and Outcomes:

Women's Empowerment: The program empowered women by providing a platform to celebrate their cultural heritage and traditions.

Community Bonding: Strengthened community bonds by bringing together women to commemorate this culturally significant festival.



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